Monday, August 02, 2010


I believe in Heaven.  I believe that when you die, you are reunited with past loved ones, you return to the most favorite time of your life, and go on forever at that age in that time. I don't care what anyone else says, but I believe this place is magical.  There is no worry, no fear, there is no fighting, no corruption.  There is only peace, happiness, and love.  My three favorite things.

In my heaven, the sky is bluer than blue.  A few clouds dot the sky and the sunrises and sets with the most magnificent hues imaginable every day.  At night there are falling stars and meteor showers; then during the day there are rainbows and singing birds.  Every day there is beautiful classical music in the background with my favorites being Tchiakovsky, Gershwin, John Williams, and Pachelbel.  There will be fields and fields of daisies, willow trees, and the ocean.  I will be dead but happy.

One thing about my heaven that is very important is what happens when someone thinks of me back on earth.  Whenever someone misses me or is thinking of me, the wind will whip around me hugging me just as if that person were actually hugging me.  I will never be able to forget them and they will know their thoughts reach me.  This is so important to me because it makes me believe that all my lost loved ones know I'm thinking of them all the time.  They are not up there alone because each day I blow them a kiss and say hello.  I can wait to get to my magical heaven but I know when I get there I can still be loved on earth and I can give my uncle, friend, and other lost loved ones real hugs.

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