Thursday, July 01, 2010

I am Awesome - 2 Cats and a Baby

I have decided that since awards are given to movie stars, musicians, etc when they do well, I will be giving myself an Awesome Award going forward when I do something amazing.  It's only fair and who wouldn't want an award.

The first "I am Awesome" award goes to me for the following accomplishment:
Today I took two cats and a baby to the vet for their shots.  That's right, two cats in two carriers and the baby in the car to the vet to get shots and to come home.  This included tricking Smudge into her crate, stuffing Sooty into his crate, waking Lyla up (bad idea...) and getting her into her seat, driving to D&D to get much needed coffee while listening to cats cry, leaving D&D sipping coffee while Lyla screamed bloody murder, getting to the parking lot with mobile vet and getting in line while listening to Lyla scream some more, putting cats in line for me while I quickly try to feed Lyla, get back in line to fill out paperwork, listen to Lyla scream some more, feed Lyla some more, give cats to vet, listen to Lyla scream some more, pay vet, get cats, Lyla still screaming, put cats in car, feed Lyla some more to stop screaming, drive home, and done.

Only casualty was my sundress drenched with cat hair and my screaming child starving to death...(or so she thought...).  I would say this deserves and "I am Awesome" award.  Thank you very much.

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