Wednesday, June 02, 2010

SATC 2 - Whoo!!

For those of you that don't know, I LOVE Sex and the City.  I'm a huge fan of the show and the movie(s). I've watched the whole show a few times and have my favorite episodes and characters.  Aidan is a heart throb who got the short end of the stick. Mr. Big, well he's handsome, rich, and so suave.  Also a total ass hole at times.  If I had to chose one, I'd totally go with Aidan but I'm not Carrie.  I love so many characteristics of all the women and can see a little bit of me in each of them.  That's why I love them all equally.  They really did an awesome job with the show.  I cried when it was over and I'd never be seeing them again.  But then the movie came out!

The first movie was awesome.  We (my friends and I) arranged a whole night out to see the movie and we loved every second of it.  We all laughed, cried, cheered, and were sad when it was over.  I've probably seen the movie a few times now and each time I cry when Big messes up so bad, laugh when Charlotte shits her pants, and reminisce over all the seasons past that got them all to that point.  When I heard they were doing a sequel, I was so excited!  I didn't want to read the spoilers but eventually I saw the movie trailers and I was shocked they were bringing Aidan back.  I knew it there was going to be drama.  I love how each woman has their own different drama going on.  

Anyways I saw the movie last night and I was so excited!  It definitely was not as good as the first movie and I don't think they can possibly make another one.  I love how the characters are at this point and resurrecting them again may make things end badly.  I think they should leave it as is for now as sad as that makes me.  Overall the movie was good, lots of laughs this time for sure and many outrageous outfits as usual.  If only had the guts, money, or figure to pull off some of their looks!

I'm sad that this chapter in my life - SATC - is over.  Those four women were such an important part of my twenties.  Yes, they are just characters but they embodied everything about single and married women.  I always related to something they were going through.  I learned things from the show/movies that in real life sometimes you can't realize on your own.  I will always love the SATC girls, men, and just the show itself.  The best show ever on TV and the memories I have from it I'll "absofuckinglutely" cherish for a life time.  Thanks to everyone for giving us this last movie!  

***On a side note, I left my child for the first time with her daddy to go out last night for ladies night.  I was very sad to leave her and missed her terribly.  But I only called home three times and came home to a child still alive sleeping on her daddy's chest.  Thankfully I can trust Jared to take care of her - even though I'll always panic!  But honestly the five hours away from home not thinking about the next thing the baby will need, the lack of sleep, the never-ending to-do list, was just what I needed. I felt so refreshed and ready to take on the world - that was until 2am hit and she needed to eat!

***On another side note, driving home last night I was listening to Delilah.  Her station is my favorite thing to listen to when I'm driving at night.  It's relaxing and quiet in a way.  Anyways I hate country music with a passion. I don't feel it's music at all.  But in any event, some lady requested In My Daughter's Eyes by Martina McBride.  I kept the song on curious as to what it was about now that I have a daughter.  As I listened to the lyrics I began sobbing.  It is such a beautiful song and really hits close to home.  The lyrics couldn't be more right about a mother and a daughter - especially with me.  So thanks Martina for that song.  It means a lot.

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