Saturday, June 19, 2010

Help, unorganized!

I'm totally and completely unorganized right now. This weekend will be my last few days of that mess. Starting Monday, I have to train myself into a routine. Honestly, I'm all over the place and I feel like I do nothing all day but take care of Lyla. Soon that will have to change because I have to go back to work. I figured I would start my routine a few weeks beforehand to get used to the idea. But I've not had time for writing, reading, general organizing of my things, exercising, and just a boat load of household things that I'm usually on top of.

Stay at home moms and working moms, tips of how to organize my life would be appreciated!


Jackie said...

The first tip is to relax!!! The more stressed you feel the worse it gets. Second, start slow. Start your morning with a cup of coffee(if you drink it) and go from there.I do this....Zack's breakfast, my coffee, computer, Zack's bath, get dressed, get him dressed, drop him off at school. That's just our routine (when school is in session). You've got this!!! (BTW...the rest of my day after I drop him off at school revolves around getting things done on my list for that day. Most of the time it gets done before I pick him up.)

HeatherB said...

Honestly, enjoy your daughter. They grow so quickly. Just enjoy your time taking care of her. I understand if you need organization to function but the dishes and laundry will always be there. Rest when you can and just spend time with her. Your routine will fall into place once you go back to work.

To get back into the routine have her try to take naps everyday at the same time, every evening do bath, bottle, bed.

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