Friday, June 04, 2010

Cook, who me?

This is what we had for dinner last night:

Jared's home made bolognese lasagna.

That's right you guessed it.  I don't cook and here's why:
  1. I suck at it, totally.  If you gave me ten ingredients and said make a meal I'd look dumbly at them and  hope for a PB&J sandwich instead.
  2. I don't enjoy it.  Handling raw chicken and getting your hands dirty?  No thank you.
  3. Jared is an awesome cook so why bother!
But I do enjoy baking.  Every once in a while - minus a lemon meringue pie disaster - I make some delightful desserts.  I just made this for my sis' grad party:

Grandma's home made blueberry buckle with blueberries fresh from our garden.  Yum!  Hopefully it's as good as hers!

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