Sunday, June 06, 2010

Congrats Jodie!

My sister graduated from college; in other words I'm getting old.

I still can not believe she's so grown up.  Since my sister is my biggest fan of my blogging life, this is for you Jo-Jo Bean.

Sweet and innocent with her cake - that was before the jello shots, flip cup, and the mai tai parade...

Dear Jodie (Jo Jo Bean as I like to affectionately call you that you so very much hate especially in public),

You were so cute and spoiled rotten as a kid.  You were my twin born seven years too late said many.  I remember so many fun times which you may say you don't remember just to piss me off (inside joke).

There was that one time at the beach on vacation and mom had given you the awful mushroom hair cut.  You were so darn cute in your little bikini but some guy still thought you were a little boy!

I remember putting you and Mike on a blanket and dragging you around the house like on a sleigh ride.  My favorite part was watching you fall down the step on our "sleigh".

Remember that time I just punched you in the stomach in the car? I can't remember why I was so pissed off at you but it was the one and only time I let my anger get the best of me and clock you one!  Sorry about that...

I annoyingly remember sharing a room with you briefly before I'd had enough.  Good thing we had an extra bedroom.

Then I remember having to share a room with you when I was ill.  Mom made me sleep in your bed upstairs so she can keep an eye on me.  You had to listen to me breathing, farting, and being in incredible pain but you took it like a champ.  Probably the best days of your life being so honored to sleep with me!

I remember you and Mike sitting right outside my room door when I had friends or boys over. I was not allowed to close the door and you guys took full advantage of spying.  You little devils!

I remember your middle school dance, your one time pageant experience, and of course all your high school drama.  

One thing I can't remember though is when you grew up.  It seems like yesterday you were looking at colleges and now you're done.  You've officially become an adult in society's eyes but forever you'll be my kid sister doing what you do best; telling me how hideous my clothes are and helping me shop for new ones, giving me style advice all the time, making me play stupid beer games even though I'm old, and being a wonderful auntie to your niece.

Congratulations, Joj and I know you'll shine in whatever you do.

Love you lots!

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