Saturday, May 29, 2010

Garden update

Every year, we marvel at our beautiful gardens and this year is no exception.  Memorial Day weekend is when we get our hanging baskets and pot our flowers to compliment our pool area and all the other flowers we have in bloom.  Each year I document what we plant and how things are growing in photos and you can see past years here.  

I'm always excited to pick our flowers out but this year I was very sad I couldn't plant them.  It's just too much for me since I'm not fully recovered yet.  Jared did his best to fill in though.  I'm impressed and I think they are gorgeous.  But I'm not sure if they are my favorite year.  In 2008, our hanging baskets were just to die for.  But in 2009, our potted plants were the best ever.  We'll see how this year ranks!  Here is what we planted.  They are still small but in a few weeks they will be very full.  The hanging baskets are already full and so pretty!

This will be our fourth summer in the house and I can't believe how fast time has gone by. Oh wait, yeah I can...  Our flowers and our garden mean so much to me, even though Jared is the one that does most of the work; especially this year.  I'm just useless these days.  Every day he works hard outside to make our yard the gorgeous yard that it is and I just love it.  I miss him being with me and Lyla but he loves to do it and it really pays off.  Sitting in the back yard just gazing at our view and our plants is well worth it.  It's so peaceful and quaint.  

Here are a few things in bloom now:

Love, love our roses.


This one is just precious.

I am a peony freak!!  They smell so good and I love to cut them for the house.  I can't wait to do that tomorrow before we have guests.  The only problem are the ants.  Ants love the peonies.

Tons of iris' in bloom right now.  

I haven't had much time to meander around the garden but today I put Lyla in my baby carrier and we waltzed around to see the progress Jared has made and marvel at the beauty.  Even though I can't help him maintain it, I can still appreciate his hard work and the gorgeous blooms.

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