Monday, May 24, 2010

Detox, what?

So I've been trying to eat well but I find myself not eating at all...

It's already 3 p.m. and today I've had a 90 cal granola bar and five Ritz crackers.  That's it.  I know, terrible.  Lyla was fussy all morning leaving time for me impossible.  Now that she's finally asleep, I gave my downstairs a much needed cleaning.  I'm hungry but not really.  I need to go grocery shopping and get some food that I can easily, quickly put together for my meals.  Because number 1, I'm lazy when it comes to food.  If it takes five minutes to prepare, okay, if not, I'd rather have a few crackers.  I never make time for myself to eat or time to prepare.  I feel like it's a waste of my time, sadly.  I need to be more about me and food for me.

I still can't exercise normally because of the pain but I did walk around Boston and today I vacuumed/dusted, etc.  I may take a short walk with Lyla later today for some real exercise if I can swing it.  But the exercise front of my detox needs to get going soon!  I can't bear the summer around the corner and jumping in my pool with anything other than a trash bag at this point.

To make matter worse, two people, yes TWO people at the wedding thought I was pregnant with my second.  SOB!  My belly is not even that big but the babydoll dresses I needed to wear (which were the only thing that fit my saggy belly) did not help the situation.  Talk about mortifying!  

So needless to say detox is not going so well.  Let me know if any of you have some tips for me. I need to get back in shape and eat better!

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