Sunday, April 25, 2010

A birth day soiree?

Our first baby, a little girl, is supposedly due to arrive today.  Unfortunately she has shown no signs of wanting to leave the warm, comfortable womb in my belly.  I've tried to coax her out by eating spicy foods, walking up hills, Jared driving over bumps, and me working out in the garden yesterday.  But to no avail she just is not ready yet.

This morning I woke up on this supposed birth day and a thought came to my mind.  Maybe if I threw our little girl a birth day party she would have to come out.  I mean, honestly who would want to miss their own birth day party.  

I could get some balloons that say "It's a girl!, I could bake cupcakes with sweet pink frosting and colored sprinkles, I would invite all our friends and family over to celebrate her and take photos of her, and of course I would have her daddy make a wonderful meal for everyone that included a champagne toast. She would have all the boob milk she can drink and people cooing all around her.  We'd put her in her very first party dress and matching hat and take so many photos of her she'd be like a super star.  

Every would bring her presents to open and she'd literally be the belle of the ball.  I know our daughter would love to come to her own party.  She already is the center of attention and she's not even here yet.  Just imagine the attention she'd get on her very own birth day party.  

So little girl, if you're listening, it's time to come out now!  A party awaits you, food and friends, presents and lots of pink things, and most importantly your adoring parents.  We can't wait to meet you.  RSVP asap!

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