Monday, April 05, 2010

Afternoon Entertainment - Chevy Chase Style

Today National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation happened at my house.  Except instead of Chevy Chase in a Santa hat, you had pregnant me with a swiffer.  And instead of a big dog, there were two cats.  We didn't have a Christmas tree, but we had a potted tree in the kitchen.  Last but not least, instead of a squirrel, our home invader was a chipmunk.

I heard some scuffling while I was lounging on the couch with my laptop.  I'm supposed to be on bed rest so I figure reclining on the couch with my laptop is good enough.  I'm off my feet and I can still work.  I was on the phone with Jared and I turned to look in the kitchen when I saw Sooty running around the kitchen. I figure he was playing with our other cat, Smudge but she was just chilling in the other room watching from a distance.  Next thing I know, there is a chipmunk circling my legs and a cat flying after it.  I laughingly tell Jared I have to get off the phone.  

The chipmunk dives into the tree and the cat sits beside it waiting.  Insert panic mode on my end.  How the hell was I supposed to get it out?  I figured I needed something, a stick or broom so the closest thing I could get was my swiffer duster that had a long expansive arm.  I poked under the pot and the chipmunk went running out.  I screamed and jumped up and down and the cat went after it.  The chipmunk hid under the couch.  I  poked at the couch and he ran out and went back to the tree.  Back and forth and back and forth.  

Finally Sooty gave up and laid down.  Smudge was up and she got the chipmunk out and he ran up the stairs.  Complete freaking out then on my part!  I ran up the stairs and then back down the stairs chasing cat and rodent.  Up and down again and again.  Did I mention I'm on supposed to be on bed rest?  I took off my sweatshirt at this point and got down to business. I opened every door to the outside and started egging the chipmunk to go out.

The thing had a very tiny brain because instead of running outside, he kept going under the couch or in the tree pot.  I had to take a few potty breaks, called a few people for advice but after an hour of chasing that damn thing I got him out of my house.  Never a dull moment here...

Here is the little rodent hiding behind the couch.

Of course the biggest thing on my mind was thinking I'd go into labor because of this chipmunk chasing.  I'd have been so pissed if my water broke mid chase!

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