Monday, March 08, 2010

NYC is Not for Pregnant Women

As our early anniversary trip/one last weekend away before baby trip, Jared and I headed to New York City over the weekend.  It was a lot of fun for sure.

We got up early and got to the city just in time to hit the British area for a fish and chips lunch at A Salt and Battery.  We stocked up on some favorites of ours that are from England:  maltesers and minstrels

We then made our way to the CBS Broadcast center where a friend of Jared's hooked us up for a private tour of the studio.  I got to sit at Katie Couric's desk!  That was super cool.  I mean, seriously she's an awesome news woman and has the best hair ever.  When I grow up, I want Katie Couric's hair!

CBS Evening News with Jessie "Preggers" Ford.

Jared sat at the desk as well and especially loved the American flag back ground!

We got to the hotel and I was excited to sit down for a bit, pee, and shower for dinner.  Once I was ready, we went to dinner at our absolute favorite joint in NYC, Spice.  Their curry puffs are to die for!

After a crazy full dinner, we went to Broadway which was packed!  Jared's friend had hooked us up with tickets to see Come Fly Away.  I'd never seen a musical like this before.  It was all Frank Sinatra songs telling the story of four couples, all with dance.  The dancers were so talented and the show was very entertaining.  What was really funny was that there was a 38 week pregnant woman right next to me and a 25 week pregnant woman right behind me.  The woman near us was nervous it might be contagious! 

We walked around Broadway for a bit until we got (I mean I mostly) got tired.

Upon waking up the next morning in the hotel, I looked out my window and saw this:

Statue of Liberty!  

I've been to NYC so many times, however, and I know this is ridiculous, I've never visited or really saw the Statue of Liberty.  It was incredible to see it like this in the morning.  I was so psyched!  

We got up, checked out and headed over to Chelsea Market.  This is basically one main reason we go to the city.  We got some fresh bread and coffee for breakfast - and bought some for home too!  We shopped for some fresh produce and some other goodies we can't get at home and packed up the cooler in the car.  

Next it was on to Central Park where we strolled through to The Met.  We were so overwhelmed by this place because it's huge!  But we had a great time wandering around.  I enjoyed the clean public rest rooms many times and then we went back through the park to the car and dinner/lunch.  I must say it was a beautiful weekend weather-wise.  Couldn't have asked for anything better!

We stopped at Piola Pizza.  It was delicious!  No trip would have been complete though without a trip to Bruno for some divine dessert.  

It was a great weekend full of good food and fun.


There was one problem with our weekend.  I realized that NYC is not pregnant woman friendly.  There is a serious lack of places to pee!  Now with a 4lb baby sitting on my bladder all the time, I need to pee every half hour, no lie.  Walking through the park was torturous for me, sitting in the car looking for parking was terrifying, and basically any time we could not find a toilet I wanted to cry.  It was a rough weekend of pee holding.  Now of course it's funny and not to big a deal but at the time, I was dying!  But not enough to ruin the weekend of course. It was still fun!

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Julie said...

I think Justin and I need to take a weekend sometime and have you and Jared show us the city! Your weekend sounds so absolutely perfect (minus the lack of potties!).

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