Friday, March 26, 2010

Bed Rest

I'm officially on what they call "bed rest" until this baby arrives.  My feet and hands are so swollen that my doc feels laying down is the best for me for now.  I was going to post a photo of my feet just to show you how alien they are to my legs but decided not to make you throw up.  Plus I think they literally are too big to fit in the lens.  Just picture elephantiasis of the feet and that's me.

So there are some pros and cons of this whole ordeal.  I figured I'd list them out to make myself feel better...

Let's start with the cons first to end on a happy note:

  1. I have a house and it needs to get cleaned.  Now Jared has to do it all.
  2. I have laundry to be done every day - remember I only have one pair of pants...
  3. I have to work...(luckily I can work from home but the aesthetics of the situation are a little harder now).
  4. No more shopping, going out, or basically leaving my house except for doc appointments.
  5. I'll probably gain like 20 pounds! Yikes!
  6. Biggest con ever...I can't go to the Orchid Show in NYC (SOB!!) (SOB again!!).  We were waiting for our new camera to arrive before we went.  It's now here and I'm on the bed. (SOB, SOB, SOB!).
  1. I can still work, thankfully. You'd be laughing right now if you saw my get up.
  2. I don't have to do anything.  No chores, no cleaning, now errands.  Kind of like a vacation from the domestic stuff - although the guilt of making Jared do it all kind of outweighs that...
  3. I'm one step closer to having the baby, yay!
  4. I don't have to feel obligated to do things I don't want to.  Sorry, I'm on bedrest.  What a great excuse!
  5. I can get the rest I need now before the baby comes and keeps me up all night.
  6. It could be worse...biggest pro ever, gotta keep perspective of the situation.
So that in a nutshell is my life right now.  30 days until our baby girl is here.  Yay!

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