Thursday, March 25, 2010

Aww Crap!

I've been thinking about this for a few weeks now.  In fact, I've woken up in a cold sweat (and a full bladder) many times this week thinking about it.  Yes, it's okay if you laugh at me...

I LOVE music.  The louder the better.  At home, I play music all the time, all kinds, all very loud.  When I'm in the car, I can't get the volume high enough.  I sing and dance to the tunes of all my car driving acceptable music (There are music rules for the car.  Certain songs I am NOT allowed to play in the car because they make me go absolutely berserk and I can't trust myself to not drive off the road or into someone else.  Like Brian Wilson by BNL - the live version is the best/worst for driving. I'm am physically incapable of keeping self from moving or not jumping up and down like a mad woman. Pretty much all Rusted Root songs that have a crazy drum beat - I've been known to almost break my fingers on the steering wheel while air drumming to the beat.  And of course Breakaway by Kelly Clarkson - I have no comment.  Just to name a few anyways..)

So lately I've been thinking of this kid of mine who is set to grace us with her presence in about oh 31 days give or take a few.  Having her in my womb has not enticed me to slow down on the music at all.  In fact, I've been giving her music lessons since her ears developed.  I don't want her to cry when I play Weezer or Bob Marley.  She's going to love them instead because she's so familiar with them!  It has occurred to me lately that once she is born, I'm probably going to have to lower the music.  I probably won't be able to jam out to it really at all.  SOB!

I was unsure so of course I googled it - "babies and loud music".  Yeah the results were not what I wanted.  And yes I know no one is going to say loud music for newborns is a good idea.  But one can hope!  I saw all these "NO" and "BAD" and "detrimental for your baby" and thought, aww crap!

I guess that's a price I'm going to have to pay:  beautiful new baby that we grew trumps loud Michael Jackson concerts in my home.  

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