Sunday, February 28, 2010

Our Birth Class

I learned a new lesson today:  Don't ever take a full day childbirth preparation class on a Saturday with an immature husband.

We spent the day today at St. Francis learning about all things birth to get us ready for the big day.  The small auditorium was full of soon to burst women getting up to pee every 30 minutes, husbands yawning and falling asleep, and of course a very enthusiastic teacher with diarrhea of the mouth.  We had a 300 slide power point presentation complete with videos and a tour of the maternity ward.  The entire time, Jared would be whispering into my ear the stupidest things every few minutes to make me laugh.  I think I saw enough vagina for a life time.

What did I learn:
- The husband will be of no help to me when I'm in labor.  The iPhone has an app to massage me and give me words of encouragement.

- The more drugs the better.

- Giving birth is no walk in the park but if you sit on a big birthing ball it helps.

- No cell phones in the labor and delivery room - so thankfully my birth won't be on Facebook.

1 comment:

christina said...

Drugs = good, and I was still answering emails on my phone in labor, so...

My deliveries were both so fast I didn't have time for the tub or the balls or any of the fun stuff. ;)

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