Friday, February 26, 2010

Olympics = Tearfest

All it takes is the music to start and the waterworks begin.

I'm not talking about weddings, funerals, or other emotional hot tickets.  I'm talking about the Olympics.  As soon as the music starts for a story, a competition, or a stupid commercial, I can't get to the tissues fast enough.  I can't even blame this on my extra pregnancy hormones because I'm like this regardless.  

Last night I had the pleasure of cuddling with my favorite cat in my big chair to watch the games - in hopes of catching some of the figure skating.  Every Dan Jansen commercial had me sobbing, every time they mentioned that Canadian figure skater who lost her mom had me howling, and each time an Olympian hit it big or did the performance of their life, I was sobbing for them.  I actually would start shaking and my mouth quivering.  Man, that guy landed the most awesome ariel jump on skiis - sob!  Wow, she skated her ass off - ball!  Aww, it took him 6 years to win the gold - quiver!

Is it just me or does the Olympics take the best of out of you?  There is always someone who has overcome ridiculous obstacles to get there, someone who is going through terrible grief or injuries, and someone who finds these people to make stories about them that set us all off.

I've got to hand it to NBC for always finding the cry-worthy stories.  Every two years when the Olympics kick off, I stock up on tissues.  To make matters worse, I read the articles the next day and cry more.  It's only 9am and I'm already nose stuffed and drained.  But I'm good now.  I have two more years before they really start up again.  I think I'm going to have to retire from this Olympics now before we go broke on tissues.

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Cheryl said...

The Olympics stress me out.

I cant even talk about it

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