Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Count Your Blessings Wednesday

Today I'm thankful for:

  1. Drumsticks.  Remember those ice cream bars?  I treated myself to a box yesterday to share for dessert.  Those things are over $5!!  A one off for sure!
  2. Long warm bathrobes that belong to my husband. Is there anything better when I whisk myself off of my warm bed?
  3. Calendars.  I'd be so scatterbrained without mine.
  4. My glasses.  Apparently when you get old your vision starts to fail.  Or at least this is what my eyes are starting to do...
  5. For my cat Sooty who sprawled out in bed last night between the two of us making it impossible for either of us to move.  But hey it won't be me to disturb a sleeping cat.
  6. DVR on my TV.  I never watch shows anymore when they are on. I watch them whenever I want.  What a cool invention!
  7. eBay and craigslist.  We're in the process of cleaning out our old crap and thanks to those two sites, it's making it so much easier.
  8. Pretty wrapping paper.  
  9. All of my baby stuff that is still all over my guest bedroom but slowly and surely is getting sorted.  
  10. Rain.  Last night it poured buckets.  Rain soothes me and calms me.  I have not slept so well in weeks.  Thank you rain for the wonderful lullaby. 

1 comment:

sandyb said...

what a wonderful idea, Jessie! it's so important to make a note (mentally, on paper or, even better on a blog) about the things we're happy about. we can spend so much time focusing on the things that aren't going well - a job, debt, a fight with a friend, those last 5 pounds - that stepping back to focus on the things are are simply awesome can be so revitalizing.

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