Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Count Your Blessings Wednesday

Today I'm grateful for all things unhealthy I've been stuffing my face with that I usually unpregnant would never touch.  This is my ode to all things I will only be enjoying for 3 more months until I go on massive cleansing of my body and digestive system. For now I will savor all these wonderful things!

I'm thankful for:

  1. Pepsi.  Who'd thought it would taste so GOOD when pregnant.
  2. McDonalds.  Whoever invented french fries and double cheeseburgers are the devil.
  3. Brownies.  Home made brownies from Tri-Town are my world.
  4. Bagels.  I love bagels but after pregnancy, no more daily bagel.  My ass is big enough thank you.
  5. Candy.  I usually don't eat a lot of candy and now for me it's Halloween every day. 
  6. Mac n cheese.  I love mac n cheese. Always and forever.  I need to give it a break though.
  7. Dill Pickle Chips. Can you believe I still have two full bags left from Canada!
  8. Cookies.  Any kind with chocolate.
  9. Ice cream.  I love ice cream with cold cold milk on the side.
  10. Chips.  I usually don't ever eat chips as I don't like them.  But lately I eat all kinds all the time.
My body is so angry with me for all this junk food, my daughter is loving it, and so am I!!

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