Monday, February 01, 2010

Can't type

There is nothing worse than not being able to type; especially when you're a writer.  I have been diagnosed with acute tendinitis in my wrist/thumb and am wearing a very fashionable brace preventing me to type normally.  Each day, I've been thinking oh, a free hour I have...I'll do some no, can't.  Sucks the big one!  But I need to heal so I can hold my child soon.  

Can you believe it's February?!  This month for me is crazy.  This weekend I'm taking Jared on a surprise weekend away to celebrate our early anniversary and just get away before baby.

Next weekend we have a birthday party and Valentine's Day in which we'll probably just clean the house...

The following weekend, another birthday party and my mom is throwing me a baby shower.  

The following weekend we have our birthing class to take.

And then it's March...

So it will be a slow blogging week for me but next week I'll have photos and tales from our wonderful weekend away.

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