Thursday, December 03, 2009

25 Days of Christmas Memories - Day 3

This year I've decided to write a special Christmas memory for the 25 days of Christmas. Each day until Christmas day, I will share a funny Christmas moment, memorable gift exchange, and my happy moments with family.  I hope you enjoy!

3rd Day of Christmas

Today's Christmas memory is not from too far in the past.  The first Christmas I was dating Jared, we'd only been with each other about six months.  His family was due in town for a few weeks over the holidays from England and it would be my one and only chance for a while to meet them. I already knew I loved Jared and wanted to marry him.  So this test was necessary and honestly I was thrilled.  I had recently studied abroad in London and loved the British.  Meeting my future in-laws was so exciting to me.  Jared warned me of their quarks and the day after Christmas I donned what I thought to be one of my prettiest outfits (sky blue trousers, my black sweater with the bow at the top, and my hair long and curled).  I got in my car (Bree at the time) and drove the hour ride with butterflies in my stomach and a car full of gifts singing my "driving to Jared's" song (every time I drove down to Jared's cottage when we were dating, I would play Kelly Clarkson's Breakaway at intense volumes.  The song signified everything that I was feeling as I was growing up, falling in love, and moving on to the next chapter of my life.)

By I digress....On my way, Jared called me to ask me what my bra size as his mom wanted to know - there is no such thing as TMI for the Brits I would come to find out.  Anyways I got to the cottage and was engulfed with warmth and friendliness from his parents and his late grandfather.  They all showered me with affection and true interest.  We sat on the couch and exchanged gifts and then we sat down for a wonderful meal.  I had been worried about the meal the most.  I am not a picky eater by any means, but I don't eat the way the Brits do.  They pour gravy all over everything.  I was too nervous to say sans gravy for me so Christine (my MIL) served me a dish with overflowing with gravy.  Jared knowing my dislike, shrugged and I did my best to eat as much as I could.  We laughed, told stories, and I got to wear my first ever Christmas cracker crown.

It was a Christmas I'll never forget because it was the end of just my family.  It was the beginning of my new family, my new traditions, and my new life.

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thinkhappy said...

Loved your memory. Thank you for sharing!


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