Monday, November 09, 2009

Shopping for the Bump

On Saturday, I figured once and for all I needed to go shopping for clothes. I was down to one pair of pants that fit, too big for me maternity shirts, and my regular clothes that made me feel like a sausage. I went into Old Navy and was delighted to find pants on sale that A. fit me, B. were SO comfy, and C. on sale! I got two pairs and now own 3 pairs of pants I can wear. Yay for me!

Being brave I decided to wander into Motherhood Maternity, just for fun. I didn't need anything nor did I want to buy anything. Upon entering, I was attacked by a pregnant sales woman who if she stared any harder at my stomach would have seared holes right through my clothes and the baby would have been sunburned. Then the questions came... Can I help you? When are you due? Want some pants, they are on sale? How are you feeling? Non stop questions and stalking commenced. I felt very uncomfortable. I said I just wanted to peruse and did my thing. Of course as I did I was followed. Everything I picked up was then followed by...Oh we have a great sweater to match or Those pants do well with this shirt. I felt the overwhelming pressure to buy something, anything. I found this pink tee that said "Special Delivery" and it was very cute. I didn't want to spend $16 on it but also didn't want stalker mom to stare me down again... Talk about peer pressure!

Of course the mere selection of said tee brought on all more questions about how I should get these bottoms or this bra for it as well. When she finally rang me up and I paid, about 20 minutes later I left the store. Of course not without the following harassment: What's your due date again, email, phone number, want to start saving for your child's education, sign up here, want to get a subscription to Baby Einstein books, they are only $4.95/month, are you sure?, here is a goodie bag for you of stuff, here are some coupons, here is your purchase, here are some good lotions, and on and on and on... By the time I left the store, I couldn't remember if I had bought anything or if I even had received said item on my way out... As I left the store shell shocked, I learned a few things. Hand me down maternity clothes, although not as good fitting, beat the hell out of Motherhood Maternity store. And to steer clear of pregnant sales women (no offense ladies...)

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MaryBeth said...

Hand-me-down maternity clothes AND baby clothes are the way to go! You won't wear the maternity clothes long enough to get any value out of them; they're usually grossly overpriced.

As for baby clothes, remember that every single thing you buy will likely get peed or pooped on. No joke. Just today, I put Cadence in a cute outfit, only to have her poop through her diaper onto the pants within 5 minutes. Please, whatever you do, don't spend a fortune on baby clothes. If you have a girl, you can have all of Cadence's clothes, which I've gotten handed down to me.

Pregnancy and first babies - what a money pit!! :)

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