Monday, November 16, 2009

Reasons I Wish Today was Sunday

  1. I'm tired and don't feel like working.
  2. I was lazy all weekend (well some of it) and now have to clean my house and do laundry today.
  3. The weekend just went by too fast so I need another day.
  4. Working just sounds so drab today.  
  5. I still can't walk normally due to this kid in my belly so I'd rather go to the ER and get some juice (yeah back in the day I used to get juice - my favorite IV pain killers - because I was always in so much pain.  To this day, juice is the only thing that can make me pain free ever - aww, juice, I loved that stuff...)
  6. I really want some Dill Pickle chips and today I won't be able to look for them.  Oh, I haven't talked about these on my blog yet.  So here is the story.  Years ago, I think I was in high school, my mom would buy Lays Dill Pickle Chips.  I don't even like chips really but these ones for some reason were amazing.  You'd have to eat the whole bag once you started.  So I thought of these chips last week and was dying for some.  Of course they don't sell them at my store.  AND when I went to the Lays website you can search for a product in your zip code. I must have put in every zip code of every person I know and nada.  So I emailed Lays and asked for the love of God and every pregnant woman in the world, to get me those chips.  Yeah they emailed me back basically with a too bad, so sad note.  So I am still unfulfilled.  Need. Me. Some. Dill. Pickle. Chips.  ARGH!!!
  7. Sunday is such a happier day than Monday.
  8. I want to go back to bed...

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