Monday, November 02, 2009

Music Lessons

Every week when I reach the next week in my pregnancy, I read up on what will be developing with the baby as well as all the cool stuff happening with my body too. Well this week apparently the baby's ears/hearing is developing which I'm very excited about. Since Jared and I are huge music fans, I am taking upon myself to start the baby's music experience early on. I have strategically organized a bunch of must listen to music on my iPod and will be training this child early on in the skill of music listening.

Yesterday on a drive I had, we jammed to the Weezer blue album. I made sure to let the baby know that this was Weezer and probably one of the best albums of all time. We sang and sang blasting the music in the car and it was so much fun! I'm not hopeful that baby will remember everything but I'm hoping that he/she will recognize some of the music once it's born and be calmed by it or at least start head banging...too much?

On my queue for this week I've got Rusted Root, the Beatles, Billy Joel, Michael Jackson, Bob Marley, Eva Cassidy, and some of the best classical hits. I'm looking forward to talking to my belly about the best artists and my experiences with them. Like when me and Michael Glabicki of Rusted Root were just chatting it up at the bar he was playing at. Or when I saw Aerosmith live and they came out and played like 10 feet away from me. And of course when I got the play list handed to me from Ed of BNL. I'm hoping to hit up some concerts too before birth. Definitely need the baby to experience that! I just found out BNL and Weezer are playing on the same night in Boston. What to do??

But I really am so excited to share our love for music with our little one whether they get it or not, I'm sure they will enjoy the sounds. Particularly those of me belting away singing along with them!

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