Sunday, October 25, 2009

Orlando Trip

Home from Orlando. It was a crazy few days. I'm exhausted and so happy to be home. We spent three nights in this huge rental home with my whole family and my Uncle Jeff and Aunt Paulette's family. It was fun, loud, and tiring. One day we went to the parks (Magic Kingdom and Epcot).

Here is dad, Jared, Chad and Mike after getting soaked on Splash Mountain.

Then they (as in not me) drank around Epcot...boy was that fun! (not... ) Actually it was funny watching them all drink while I had to be the sober one.

Me, Jared, Lindsey and Megan camping out at the trash cans...

Jodie, Lindsey, and Megan

Chad and Jared doing saki in Japan. I love this photo because I totally paid attention so much that I got Lindsey's camera too..duh!

Jared and his saki.


Here is my sister double fisting it.

We went to the Henry P. Leu Botanical Gardens the next day. It was beautiful, calm, and quiet, lacking little people music (as Jared mentioned).

This is a floral clock and they were setting up for a wedding.

My favorite shot of the huge rose garden.

The butterfly gardens.

Some prickly flowers.

These little lizards or whatever they called were all over the place.

So pretty.

Yeah, we both read this and thought it was a joke...not so much. But after looking around for about 15 minutes we did not see the gator.

The lake on the gardens.

Here is the crew getting ready for the wedding.

We all looked so great!

Brooke, Aunt Paulette, and Megan

The ceremony of Heidi and Ryan on the 16th floor in Orlando. So pretty.

Jared and I

We had a great time at the wedding and hanging out with the family. I'm happy to be back home to rest. I've never been so tired! We didn't bring really anything home with us but I was bound and determined to buy something Mickey for the baby. It was difficult because all the clothes were so gender specific. Jared kept saying it's only for girls or only for boys. But we finally agreed on this one. I really liked it and it's the first thing we bought for the baby.

Peace Mickey! Our kid will be styling.

At the wedding they had a photo booth. We got our pictures done and they came out so cute.

Thanks to the fam for a great vacation and congrats to Heidi and Ryan!

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