Friday, October 30, 2009

Mark Teixeira vs. Me

(in case you're clueless, his name is pronounced Ta shera)

Mark Teixeira or MT as he will be known here (since I can't be bothered to try and spell that numerous time!) is the amazingly talented first basemen for the New York Yankees - my favorite team of all time. I didn't know much about MT before he got to the Yanks because I am a Yankees snob and tend not to care about baseball in general. I had heard of him but not really known him. Well let's face it, I still don't know him...

Anyways, a few weeks ago, I was watching a game and they showed his date of birth. I thought it said 1981 - the year I was born. Upon further investigation - because I'm blind apparently, he was born in 1980. So he's year older than me after all. But that still shocked me a bit. There are tons of baseball players much younger than me. Starting pitchers, great outfielders, etc all were born before me. But MT for some reason seemed so much older than me. He looks a bit older and more mature than most of the guys, he is a hard player and is the best first baseman, well since Donnie Baseball of course. That is why I always felt he was much older or at least Derek Jeter's age.

So I've taken upon myself to compare me vs MT to see where I went wrong in my life and why I'm not playing for the World Series team, the NYY, and making millions. We can ignore the obvious fact that I'm female for this exercise.

ME vs.

MT grew up in Maryland. I grew up in Connecticut. Not too different I think. Same coast, right?!

MT played varsity baseball in high school. I played varsity softball in high school.

MT went to college to play baseball. I went to college and gained weight...

MT started playing pro ball. I studied abroad and traveled. That has to count for something...

MT signed a contract with the NYY for $180 million dollars for 8 years. Umm, I've got nothing...

MT lives in Greenwich, CT with his family (obviously he's not going to live in one of the ghetto CT towns). I live in the 75th best small town in the US in CT. Ha! Beat that MT!!!

MT hits home runs and catches balls for a living. I plan events and do lots of computer work for a living. I think my job is harder but those 95 mph fastballs I guess are tough.

MT works with all men. I work with 99% all men. So we both suffer there.

According to wikipedia, MT likes Broadway shows (isn't that so cute!). I like Broadway shows too! Too bad I can't afford to go to many of them like I'm sure he can (I hear pity party of one calling...)

MT has a really adorable wife (I didn't stalk, I promise. Her pic came up too when I googled him. Those stalker people are creepy!!). I have a really cute husband! Good, 2 points for me!

MT apparently has 2 kids according to wiki. I have one on the way!

MT is a famous baseball player. I am, um, Jessie!

Okay, MT totally wins. He may only be a year older than me but he's really accomplished for his age and an incredible athlete.

I may be a year younger, not a famous baseball player, and make much less than millions but I'm still awesome.

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