Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Dust off your college degree, you're going to need it!

Back in the day when Jared wasn't officially legal to work yet (we were just waiting for the paperwork to go through...), he didn't have a real job because he officially couldn't. However Jared doesn't know the meaning of not being able to work. In fact, he's got the most drive and insane work ethic I've ever know of a person. Back in those days living in our rental cottage, money was super tight. I was making pennies at my job and Jared did any job he could to help us get by. That meant cleaning houses, babysitting, bartending, and of course cleaning cars.

Jared truly has a gift when it comes to cleaning cars. I say this because when I first met him, I thought his bright yellow lancer was brand new when in fact it was not. As soon as we were officially together, he went crazy on my then car because my cars always looked like they had been hit in by a tornado, inside of it. Now every car I've driven since had to be kept looking brand spanking new. That is just Jared for you. He likes to take care of the things we have; especially our cars. He will spend up to four hours cleaning it, vacuuming, steaming it, waxing, etc. But he really enjoys it. The more power to ya, I say. People really caught on to Jared's skills and he always had a slew of people wanting their car done to perfection.

These days Jared is so busy with the home and garden that he doesn't do too many cars. But if he gets a call, he will most certainly do it when he can. This past weekend a old customer wanted his car done again by Jared. It was perfect because he was going away for the weekend and just left the car at our house for Jared to clean. I had to leave Friday night so Jared had to move the car and let me out. I didn't think much of the delay in moving the car and just went on my merry way to ladies night. The next day, Jared tells me about said car. This Toyota Prius, he said, was pretty interesting and he had a hard time figuring out how to start it. Now I've never been in a Prius so I didn't understand what he was talking about. He beckons for me to get into the car and start it. So never declining a challenge, I step in.

Here is my train of thought upon entering car: First things first, key into ignition. Wait a second, there is no ignition. Oh I see, it's one of those key fob things? So I put the big black key thingy into said slot. There ya go. Should work great now. But no, no go. Oh okay, I see power button. I must have to push that. There ya go, car started. Nope, not so much. Okay, maybe if I put my foot on the brake, it will start? Again, not so much. Jared is sitting there laughing at me and a good five minutes later, the car is on. Phew. Now let's try to reverse. Okay, no biggie. Just shift into reverse. Wait, that is the shifter? Hmmm. I move it to reverse but no go. Hmmm.. This is the dumbest car I have ever encountered. A few minutes more and the car is moving. Wow is all I can think.

Honestly the Prius requires a college degree. I'm not super smart but I'm not dumb either. I have good common sense too but it was still hard for me to figure out this vehicle. The next thought I had was how cool it must be to be a Toyota salesman! Every time you do a test drive with the Prius, you get to see how dumb people can really be!

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