Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Count your blessings Wednesday

Today I'm grateful for:

  1. First and foremost my health. I always must remember I am lucky to be alive.
  2. Feeling better today. Yesterday I had a stomach thing..yuck! But the upside was I came home from work, laid on the couch and watched a few old movies from my youth: Bye Bye Love (I used to rent this movie as a tween all the time, not sure why I loved it so much but it is so cute) and Reality Bites - awesome flick.
  3. The book I'm listening to on my morning commute: Mommzillas. It is freaking hysterical. I love it!
  4. The amazing dinner Jared made last night that he just made up. I'm not kidding he made it up! It was a pasta dish with shrimp and cilantro. So delish!
  5. I got to spend Sunday with my favorite senior citizens: my grandparents. I also got to learn how to knit from my grams.
  6. That this week is pay week! Yay!
  7. Today I get to spend the day catching up on my magazines, my latest novel, and writing in my journal while I sit in a jury room as I have jury duty today....wait, I'm grateful for that?!
  8. That it is getting warmer outside, well sort of.
  9. That I have been sticking to my new routine and my daily exercise regime has me feeling better and my walks on the beach have been amazing!
  10. For my family, my friends and everyone I love with my yellow heart.

Wish me luck at jury duty today that hopefully I won't be there all day long!


Bella@That damn expat said...

Stepping back and assessing all the things we have to be grateful for is a great exercise.

Jessie said...

yes, agreed. we have to remind ourselves to be happy with what we have rather than what we want :)

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