Monday, May 05, 2008

Seriously, WTF

I'm so sick and tired of people. They piss me off. Who the hell do they think they are? Did God come down from heaven and suddenly say that they are a Saint and or the son of God and can do what ever the hell the please whenever the hell they want?

  • Did someone take a lance and tap it on each shoulder, knight them and give them the power to do all the evil they could possibly want to do in this world?
  • Did someone give them the power to sit down, pop a squat and flowers bloom from their asses, making them think they are holier then thou?
  • Is there a course you can take, online obviously, called Asshole School, where you can boot up, learn how to perfect the art of being a total ass, you take a quiz in which you are to make a poor soul's life completely miserable to which you pass and with your certificate of achievement can go about wreaking havoc amok wherever you deem necessary?
  • Is there a book at Barnes and Noble (because obviously Border's would never sell it) called: 10 easy steps to make every one's life around you a disaster. You buy it and 10 easy steps later you're on top of the world because everyone else is in a dark hole, committing suicide, being arrested or crying pathetically in their beds, all because of you, the ASS HOLE!
  • Is there a specific town in peaceful Iceland where people are born and raised to be total jerks and they go to school and only learn to be jerks and then they are sent all over the world to teach their jerkiness to the world? Are these people students of these jerks?
I am so sick and tired of people doing whatever they want and not giving a damn how it affects other people. Don't people care about other's anymore? Isn't there anything such as caring, compassion, consideration anymore? Am I the only smuck left that does care? If so this sucks.
My wishes:
  1. I wish the world was a better place. People were genuine and cared about one another, even strangers.
  2. I wish people could sit down and talk things through instead of picking up a gun or a weapon first.
  3. I wish there were things more important to people that would outweigh everything they had and that one thing was not money.
  4. I wish people cared more about the people in their family, their work place, their neighborhood, and their country than about the celebrities they see on TV.
  5. I wish people did not say the don't have time. Time is something you have the most of. It's all about how you choose to spend it.
  6. I wish people didn't have to do things they did not want to do and could spend more of their time doing the things they like to do.
  7. I wish people would think before they act or speak and especially how these actions or words will affect the person on the other end.
  8. I wish people were not selfish. If they could only think about other people before themselves, think about how much better we could all be.
  9. I wish life was simpler. Seems things are so complicated when all we need to do is live, love, laugh and have fun.
  10. I wish people were still reading my blog after all my rants. I fel I have some good words of wisdom even though I hate showers...

Yes, this post totally needed some Rainbow Brite...

1 comment:

Maureen Girard said...

I wish life was simpler too. That people cared more. That there is less greed, less selfishness & more compassion. All your points are valid.

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