Tuesday, March 06, 2007

No news

I have not heard any news from Jared other than, "Hi, doing well, looking forward to being home, watching the web cam?". The seas have calmed a bit for him though which is good. He said he has not come across anything too interesting underwater on his shifts. I've been watching the live broadcasts but a lot of the time it's a blurry picture and the sound is not working. However yesterday Jared called me and said he was going to stand on deck and wave and I saw a figure come out and wave which I can only assume was my husband.

All in all, he's having a great time. The people on board are great too, he says. He has time to make fun of me via email about the things I'm doing or telling him about (typical Jared). I'm so happy that Sunday isn't too far away when I get to pick him up. I'm really looking forward to seeing his pictures and hearing all about it. It's not every day he goes away on a ship bound for exploration.

Things in the woods are pretty calm and cold. The wind is whipping around so fast and has been all night. I won't let Smudge out because I'm afraid she'll get blown away into an oblivion. On a happy note, I think I got food poisening from my dinner last night and not even the meal my beverage. I think the glass had bacteria in it or the drink did or something. I was sick before I even put food in my mouth. Helluva birthday dinner, eh? My sister treated so that was nice though.

I'm getting ready for my "Bob" party on Friday. Me and my ladies are going to party it up reggae-style and it's going to be awesome. Those of you not in the "know" our " Bob" party is the one and only Bob Marley. We're bringing the tropics east of Lyme for some warmth, some boogying, some drink and some food.

I'm going to leave you now with a beautiful sight. I may live in the woods but it's beautiful here. This is what I saw on the way home from work the other day. It was so breathtaking, I pulled over to enjoy and take a few pictures. Enjoy.

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