Friday, March 09, 2007

Expedition Closure

Hey Everyone:
I hope some of you got to see me on TV yesterday. It was pretty cool. I had a great time out here working with my team, argus pilot, navigator, data logger and chief scientists. I can't believe it's nearly over. Today was my last shift. We'll be running live shows until 4pm this afternoon and then we raise Argus and begin to shut down the operation. All the cables I laid down have to be pulled and we have to pack everything up. It's kind of sad! Then we'll head our 20 hour journey back home. Did anyone say BAR????

I've been speaking with Dr. Ballard back and fourth and we're eager to put together the next movie on the coral reefs of the Flower Garden Banks. Some of the footage is amazing. We've seen an abudance of mud volcanoes. These are formed by natural gases that lie on top of the oil in the mud and the gasses seep up through the mud creating gas bubbles. It's very interesting to see on camera. We've seem plenty of Groupers, Red Snapers, Spanish Flag Tail Fish, Baracouda's and many other species of fish and coral.

I look forward to seeing everyone and being back.
Much love

Pictures courtesy of Immersion

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