Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Day 5 at Sea

I spoke too soon:

Hey Everyone:
So we're moving full steam ahead. No pun intended. The winds and seas calmed down a couple of days ago and it looks as flat as a pond out there. I'm proud that I haven't puked all over the place. I was loaded on meds. The temperature is warm in the 70's and 80's here. I've heard it's really cold back in CT. Joy!

I've put my camera down now for the rest of the trip. I think there is only so much one can take of a 238 foot ship.

I've taken every angle and every piece of action that's taken place. It was interesting to sea our support nuclear submarine NR-1 surface for a change of crew. We had to raise Argus during that time. Apparently on another watch Argus nearly collided with the NR-1. I read one of the journals from one of NR-1's crew members who stated that nearly hitting the NR-1 with Argus was really stupid.

My shifts have been a little dull. We're on a transect that takes us to another way point. During that transect it's all mud and sand. Imagine staring at like 5 screens of skimming across mud and sand. We do however possess our senses of humor and we get fed well.

They save the good material when they arrive to their waypoint for the broadcast shows. We are actually now seeing some really cool images of the mud volcanoes at the bottom of the gulf. It's not on my watch though.

The food is bland on ship. Shhh! Don't tell the chef otherwise I won't get fed. It's a lot of meat and potatoes and the vegetables from the can that have sat in water so long that a fork cannot hold their weight. I can't wait to be cooking at home again.

I look forward to being back soon and sharing pictures and stories with you.
Much love.

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