Tuesday, February 27, 2007

BH and traveling tidbits

<---My hotel room I'm here in Belo Horizonte. Now, earlier today I spent about a half hour writing a nice post about my trip here and my experiences to then have it posted and the page get corrupted and lose it. This is very frustrating as you may think so this one will not be as detailed since I don't feel like writing that all out again...sorry. Anyway, Brazil is beautiful. Very green and hilly. Trees everywhere (with exception of the cities of course). Only problem is I don't speak Portugese at all... However, I know how to say thank you and hello. Tonight at dinner I did bring my Portuguese pocket guide so we could order since there were only prime locals and not too much English. We had a wonderful traditional Brazilion meal so it was worth the confusion. Here are some pictures to enjoy! More to come too while we spend our week here in Belo Horizonte...Obrigado :)
Bus pictures on the way to BH

BH from my hotel window

Bus pictures

The more you travel, the more you learn that America is not the only place on earth. I think sometimes Americans think we really are the only ones on the planet. Why don't they speak English? Where's the hamburgers? I can't believe they eat that! Typical things people say when they encounter people of a different culture. I find it fascinating to see the way other people live and to be a part of it at some point in my life. How many times can I say that I went to Brazil and was able to order appetizers in Portuguese - something I never would have eaten back home.
Traveling is one of the most phenominal ways to learn so much about not only other people but about yourself too. You can really see how well you adapt to change and different things. I was once told by a wise, wise man in Scotland..."It's not weird, it's just different." I think that if everyone understood that and lived by that we'd be a much happier planet. We wouldn't cause wars about who is doing things the "weird" way...right? Accept people and their cultures, acutally embrace them. Join them and their traditions. Learn what it is like in their shoes. In the end you always have your home waiting for you. But you'll always come back with a lot more wordly experiences and values.

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